Once upon a time a small group of passionate ( and kind of ridiculous) artists decide to get up at 6am every morning to draw from a randomly selected topic....they have just an hour to see what they can do before they get on with their busy days. They are not allowed to tinker with drawings and everything that gets drawn....gets posted.....we're starting with animals and the letter A. Images MUST be posted by seven ( even if you're late!!!!)....and lets keep it digital. let the craziness begin!!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

a shark or a tool?


  1. This is looking dangerously good! the one at the top is slightly scary, is he mistaking it for a female of his own kind?

    Bottom one is so few lines and clean...Very Nice, though I'm dying to see his snappers when he turns towards us!

    Khool Ibs. :)

  2. top one: hes jus fascinating by this unique looking object, not knowing he looks like this as-well. :D :D :D :D