Once upon a time a small group of passionate ( and kind of ridiculous) artists decide to get up at 6am every morning to draw from a randomly selected topic....they have just an hour to see what they can do before they get on with their busy days. They are not allowed to tinker with drawings and everything that gets drawn....gets posted.....we're starting with animals and the letter A. Images MUST be posted by seven ( even if you're late!!!!)....and lets keep it digital. let the craziness begin!!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Impossibly Quick Astronaut

Just a quick doodle. Not very well done, But this year, Astronauts for me have got to be from series 6 of Doctor Who "The impossible Astronaut". The theme of which ran through the whole series.


  1. Nice Mac, I've never been a fan of Doctor Who, not given it the fair chance, though David Tennat is a great actor. I saw this the other day... Crazy ha haa...


  2. Ha, yes, I am aware of the petition for David Tennant to Light the Olympic Flame dressed as The Doctor. It would be Amazing if it happens!