Once upon a time a small group of passionate ( and kind of ridiculous) artists decide to get up at 6am every morning to draw from a randomly selected topic....they have just an hour to see what they can do before they get on with their busy days. They are not allowed to tinker with drawings and everything that gets drawn....gets posted.....we're starting with animals and the letter A. Images MUST be posted by seven ( even if you're late!!!!)....and lets keep it digital. let the craziness begin!!!

Monday, 16 May 2011



  1. The genius is all in the title Ibs. Really nice. I quite like ths staging of it all, at first I wondered why the tusks were so big but as I forgot about that, I again realised its teh massive tusks that bring us around eth whole composition and along with the nice slant on the head, we're drawn right in. Really great drawing Ibs, I love the definition around the eyes and the weight i can feel on that muscular thick brow of his.

    Don't know about the peanut, doesnt look like you observed from life enough I'd say it was more of a griddle like texture! ;)

  2. Thanks KDF, I didn't relise what I did until I read your comment and your right. I did wonder why I drew the tusks like that an also the trunk coming round to point at the mouse. I think maybe to focus on the elephants eyes and the mouse.

    I didn't observe the peanut, but it was important to the story of the doodle.