Once upon a time a small group of passionate ( and kind of ridiculous) artists decide to get up at 6am every morning to draw from a randomly selected topic....they have just an hour to see what they can do before they get on with their busy days. They are not allowed to tinker with drawings and everything that gets drawn....gets posted.....we're starting with animals and the letter A. Images MUST be posted by seven ( even if you're late!!!!)....and lets keep it digital. let the craziness begin!!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

In the key of 'Sri'


  1. Dammit. Thank for that Ibs!!! :) It cannot be because he isn't wearing a suit! ;)

  2. Very nice use of composition on the page. Have you guys ever heard of Sempé? He's a french cartoonist who uses compostion and economy of line to the same effect.

    Btw: That's not an ivory keyboard is it.

  3. Yes, to Sempe... :)

    No, to the keyboard... :)

    I agree, his compositions and his line are fantastic in creating entertaining and quite simply drawn, humorous short stories.

    It makes you think that any size and any dimension is possible to be a canvas.

    I would love to see Sempe's drawings to be animated and projected maintaining A4/ A3 (or Legal) dimensions in a brilliantly large format!

  4. sempe?, is that the book P Driscoll bought for P Parr last year?